A Lovely Start To My Morning is the premiere episode of Tempest: Malawi.

"A Lovely Start To My Morning"
Season Tempest: Malawi
Episode Number 1
Episode Chronology
Next Some More Dead Weight


Immunity Challenge - Each tribe would compete in a trivia challenge.

Challenge Winners
Malawi Trivia Andrew S1Aren S1Avory S1
Charlie S1Daniel S1Nick S1
Andrew, Aren, Avory,
Charlie, Daniel, & Nick
Asa S1Austin S1Cornelius S1
DeShawn S1Jon S1Patrick S1
Asa, Austin, Cornelius,
DeShawn, Jon, & Patrick


On Day One, eighteen contestants were left stranded within the plains of Malawi. They were split into three tribes before the game began - the red Kambuku, the blue Njovu, and the yellow Mkango.

On the Njovu tribe, Aren and Nick began to bond right off the bat, planning to work together in the long haul. Nick even looked to the other tribes to find people he believed he could work with. Avory attempted to find his place on the tribe, trying to adapt himself into the game.

On Mkango, Cornelius revealed he had a secret identity. Austin boxed him in and forced him to reveal that his name was actually Nate. Cornelius noted how he didn’t like the players on his tribe, whereas Asa seemed excited and said how she liked her tribe mates. DeShawn just seemed to think they were all weird.

The Kambuku tribe was quiet, yet plenty was still going on behind the scenes.

After the events of day one, Avory went to work and formed the game’s first alliance ever - the Axis. He quickly got Andrew and Aren on board, even though they proved reluctant towards each other about it. Avory declared that they would bring Nick along as a fourth member until they had to take him out.

At the immunity challenge, the tribes remained very even for the first half of the competition. Towards the end, Njovu blasted ahead of its competition and Kambuku fell behind. It was too late to catch up for them and Kambuku ended up being sent to Tribal Council.

Njovu and Mkango were elated that they had won. On Mkango, Austin and Asa both hoped that they could find a good spot on the tribe based on how they had helped in the challenge. Cornelius found it hilarious how he had fought with people during the challenge, including Austin and Chris from the Kambuku tribe.

The Kambuku tribe were frustrated with their loss, especially Chris, who had been constantly berated by Cornelius throughout the competition. Toby feared the vote would turn crazy. Chris believed people wanted Jaylen gone, yet he was still very nervous about the elimination. Hannah was upset that Chris and Liam had yet to talk to her. At Tribal Council, the tribe did stick together to vote out Jaylen unanimously.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council #1:
Jaylen S1
Jaylen (6 votes)
Christopher S1Hannah S1Jake S1
Jaylen S1Liam S1Toby S1
Christopher, Hannah, Jake,
Jaylen, Liam, & Toby

Final WordsEdit



Still in the RunningEdit

Christopher S1
Hannah S1
Jake S1
Asa S1
Austin S1
Cornelius S1
Andrew S1
Aren S1
Avory S1
Jaylen S1
Liam S1
Toby S1
DeShawn S1
Jon S1
Patrick S1
Charlie S1
Daniel S1
Nick S1


  • This episode title came from Aren in a confessional describing the antics of his tribemates.
  • This was the first ever episode on Tempest.
  • This is the first episode where someone did not vote in time.

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