Day 12Edit

No confessionals were made.

Day 13Edit

Omg I'm so done right now -.- I'm gonna go view the Sri Lanka cast reveal cuz screw my useless tribe


i hope you catch the spear right in your head go die austin im too tired for this shit


Nick & Hannah are so tight out of the game it just makes me worry what's gonna happen if they hook up, then I could be feeling like how Tyler felt in Ural Mountains, and TBH I get why he felt so shitty now to have two friends pick each other over you it will hurt, and I know Hannah would pick Nick at this point honestly, so I don't know what to do right now, it really makes me wonder what to do if we happen to go to tribal, which hopefully isn't happening and the Kambuku tribe brought its bad luck to Njuvu or whatever their name is, I just hope no stupid shit happens if we lose




This tribe is so fucking rad. We're leading in immunity by a country fucking mile and we're just fucking badass. Legit.


Last night was the greatest day of my life. Beautiful new manga... Immunity... And I got to compete against the GIF king in a GIF war!!! #LastSaturdayNight


Day 14Edit

i feel like cornelius is up to something right now, and i don't know what. Like is he flipping to the reds? But why would he ask if votes can be changed in alliance chat? Will he pretend to have "accidentally" voted for the wrong person? He's either a strategic genius or a complete idiot.


whoever that anonymous wikia contributer is that said it might be a blindside depending on who you are is lowkey scaring me idk what to do

but i just hope they keep me because im the only one decent at challenges


"I have yet to be in a tribal council, hope I don't jinx it. I've become really friendly with everyone on the Mkango (Mango) tribe. They're quite a lively bunch and it's great.

Avory and I connected through Hetalia which is AMAZING."