Day 7Edit

TBH I'm not mad about either of the first two boots. Jaylen is always after me in ORGs and I feel like Chris would be tempted to get revenge on me for blindsiding him in Turmoil. So having those two out before I ended up on a tribe with them is good for my game.


Avory is literally so annoying


Avory... Yeah. He's a one. I think he has some issues with being in control...? He really, really likes leading the tribe. I guess I'll go easy on the dude since he is a newbie, but I'd honestly rather see Daniel stay and him go if we were to lose immunity.


So I've been kinda quiet recently because we haven't gone to tribal so I honestly haven't had shit to talk about because nothing much is happening, I really hope that I can trust Nate as we had a skype call last night and I feel like I can trust Asa, patrick, and DeShawn, Jon I honestly just see as an easy af first boot because he's so inactive and it's really annoying honestly he doesn't even do shit in challenges or talk in the tribe chat, Hell, I don't eventhink he fucking signs onto facebook 😂


This tribe is a fucking legend!! Woo, immunity after immunity. I fucking love this shit... And not the brown kind, either.


Day 8Edit

This tribes more fun than I was expecting. We are legit the Kalabaw tribe of Malawi. Too bad we might swap soon. Out of all my tribemates, my boy Daniel gives me LIFE. I wouldn't mind getting Nick voted out again though, dude doesn't do squat and is more useless than Daniel. Also, Aren can easily run this game with the amount of connections he's got with people on the other tribes. So that's another factor I gotta make clear to Charlie, Avory, and Daniel in the future.


Now's the time I start considering the value of an intentional Matsing, assuming I survive the next two tribals