Day 15Edit

MY HEART BROKE WHEN I SAW DESHAWN HAD AN IDOL. Whew. But bye bye Deshawn. Also Jon & Andrew don't come crying to me for my vote well Andrew because who is Jon?


yea idk what that was i just want to fucking merge or win already i never really talked to DeShawn so idc

now its time to be a bitter asshole until i get voted out next round


just to be clear, i don't trust daniel in any way whatsoever. this bitch is avoiding my questions like bush avoids questions about 9/11 and honestly im going to try and team up with hannah and jake and get him out bc im sick of these white bois


fake ass hoes "oh i didnt message you we were switching the vote bc you weren't online" im online for like a half hour a day omfg just message me and ill read it. i dont see why they just don't admit they're in cahoots with the reds, i thought the unanimous toby vote was fishy but passed it off as someone nonchalantly telling one of them he's leaving


ok i know what im going to do if (i.e. when) we lose. since the other tribe has 4 blues and 3 yellows, the blues are more likely than not getting to the merge. im going to try and pull in cornelius and the reds to get out daniel or andrew, because if all 6 of them are together in the merge that'd be terrible. i just hope the others see that


Avory's story is a gem and if we lose because of it, it's totally not his fault and I have no idea where we will go from here.


Day 16Edit

Avory came out with a literal BOMB of a story and oh my god we won again FUCK YES TOP 12 BITCHES


no ones really talking to me so idk. I proposed voting daniel to both hannah and jake. They both said they would. Cornelius isn't online yet But They're my last hope so i hope they're not lying or else TIS ME