Day 22Edit

We voted out Andrew! Another tribal done with and another successful vote off. I'm honestly so shocked that that went to plan, there was mention of splitting the vote between Andrew and Daniel and I told everyone it wasn't a good idea and tried to calm everyone down the best I could, and surprisingly everything so far has been smooth, Aren and I have been working great together, Patrick is on my good side as far as I know and he has his power, as of right now my strategy is just to stay cool, calm and collected, don't worry too much, and so far everything has worked out pretty awesome for me. I don't want to get too overconfident and soon enough things are gonna go bad as I'm aligned pretty heavy with most everyone in the game right now, I don't know how much I'm able to trust Asa/Pat/Aren but I'm just hoping I can, I feel like for the most part I can trust Aren and Asa and halfway patrick, but i do NOT want to get on Patrick's bad side while he has that power, I reallylike Patrick but he's known for being a wild player and I don't want to be the victim of his Tempest so I want to stay on really good terms with him for as long as possible.


I love Hannah to death but I brought up Malawi to her and she is literally being so cocky, "I've went to every tribal and I've controlled who went home every single vote", "everyone else except Nate are dumbass' who need help making their decisions", "I've decided who I want to go home next." Like Hannah really you're one of my best friends in this community but lol of this shit is really rubbing me the wrong way


Ayy lmao, 12 minutes! Austin 'aint doing too hot as much as I like the guy whilst Asa is sort of in the middle whilst I have no clue how everyone else is doing. I hope we can win this shit, schnickeys.


Cornelius... What? Just what? You are a spectacle, my good sir. You should be somebody's profile-picture because you are a literal icon.


Day 23Edit

Omg I just found out about the massive alliance running the game.Hannah's 7 person alliance that everyone I've trusted is a part of. Jake outed it to me. He and Charlie are on the bottom and ready to flip. We are going to blame Cornelius for outing the alliance to cause fractures from within so that we can flip this next vote.


Alright... What the fuck? In my opinion, allowing Nate to be added with his real account is kinda BS but whatever... Guess I'm just gonna have to work around this! SAVE ME FROM THE NOOOTHINGGGG I'VEEE BECOOOOOMEEE


fake fifht to make it seem like i hate hannah


Holy shit I just pulled one of the most ingenious biggest moves ever. I made a fake conversation with Austin to calm Patrick's paranoia down and make him feel safe and IT FUCKING WORKED I FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. THIS WAS LITERALLY PERFECT ❤ I'm sorry I'm just freaking the fuck out right now I'm so excited


Fake conversation -

Me: Hey man!

Him: Hey dude 😃 Me: What's up?

Him: I'm just at work, I'm ready to go home lmao Him: What about you? Me: Aww, that sucks D: Me: I'm pretty good, thanks! Me: So, I've been thinking about it, and what do you think we should do with like forming an alliance? We've been discussing it for awhile and it's about time lol

Him: Yeah I 100% agree, I know we have been talking about the people we trust and forming a chat and it's really time we finally make something official 😂 Me: IKR Me: Who do you think we should recriut? 😃

Him: Hmm well we both trust Asa Me: recruit* fuck Me: Yeah Asa's really sweet

Him: I got you no worries 😂😂 Him: Hmm, Nick? Him: Pat Me: *insert cry laughing face emoji here but I'm on PC and too lazy to open the emoji thing* Me: Yeah sure Nick's cool Me: Yeah I like Pat 🙂

Him: Yeah I'm really happy Patrick and I put Egypt behind us cause working with him has been awesome it's the same way I was with you I was scared the shit I did there would bite me in the ass😂 Me: Aww

Him: I'd say Hannah but Jake and her are a package deal I suppose aren't they? Well now thinking about it

Me: Nah man it's all behind us now, it's non-canon anyways

Me: Good point

Him:Nick and Hannah may be one too? Idek

Me: True

Me: We're gonna need to ask everyone individually haha Chat Conversation End Seen 9:20 pm

Genius, or genius? My man Austin & I got this shit on lock.


I want this win. You could hear this from any Chris, Dick or Henry but I'm the guy that'll say this with the most honesty and determination - I want the title of Tempest's first Sole Survivor. I'm beasting the challenges, doing great socially and doing mighty fine strategically, but that might actually not benefit me. What if I'm seen as too threatening? Your ole' boy Aren might have to change the shit out of his perception game here, or else I could be cut as a threat soon. I trust Asa with my life tho, so there's no chance I'll get blindsided unless nobody lets her in on said blindside. 🙂

People go on that there are 3 parts to Survivor - outwit, outplay, and outlast. However, there's one part that everyone forgets, which is outcoward. This is a very important part of Survivor that everyone just doesn't think about! To win this game, you MUST outcoward. To outcoward you MUST fly under-the-radar but still keep that selfish, skeptical view on the world. Don't let anyone, even your closest allies, get ahead of you. Cut their throats. Kill 'em all if you have to, if that's what it takes to survive in Survivor. I hate to say it, but...

I'm outwitting.

I'm outplaying.

It's time to start outcowarding.

If I have to, I'm gonna have to betray anybody and anyone to get up to the top here. I have to treat this as a slaughter house. The ONLY person that I won't betray, is Asa. She's been with me from the second we swapped and that 'aint changing. I won't write her name down unless it's a vote to win the game.


Day 24Edit

INDIVIDUAL-IMMUNITY!... FOR THE SECOND TIME!... IN A ROW! :'D fuck, this feels incredible. I KNOW that I'm just slowly becoming bigger and bigger of a target, but man... Hearin' Johnny shout, 'AREN WINS INDIVIDUAL-IMMUNITY!' feels pretty darn fine. This necklace is almost like a lover to me; I sleep with it every single night. :)


Hold on... I just realized. Aren, what the fuck are you doing winning all these challenges?

Patrick has OPENLY SAID TO ME that he's playing the Tempest on me if I receive the majority of the votes, and I can 100% win any challenge thrown at me. Plus, I know for a fact that Asa is watching my back and will tell me if anyone goes at my ass. Do I really need all of these wins? All that it's doing is putting a target on my back. I want to win this game and I won't settle for any other placement other than, you guessed it! 1st. I'm 100% taking a step back in challenges after this. Lettin' the testosterone filled peeps win some. Perhaps Nate can take his anger out on everyone and avenge Jaylen with an immunity-win...? Idk.



Okay, Patrick, what even? Agh. You're one weird bloke.

So, Patrick approached me saying that outta the blue he wants to potentially idol Charlie (the target) and blindside Hannah? He's convinced that she's leading the game... What in the world is he thinking?

I'd 100% pull something off with Austin and vote Daniel off to not only flush Pat's idol but also save Hannah, however there's literally a 690% shot that Patrick will just use the Tempest then, putting Daniel in a battle between him, Austin & Nick. Sure, Daniel would probably lose, but it's not a risk I'm willing to take. Also, then there'd still be an 100% chance that I'd lose either Nick or Austin, and both are close to me.

I'm going to try my best to sway Patrick into not idoling, but here's what I'm thinking - play Pat's game, cut Hannah. It fucking sucks. I like Hannah a lot. However, if you love something, sometimes you have to let it go. I do NOT want Patrick against me whilst he wields that Tempest. It's annoying that power always falls into the wrong hands... Dang it.

Hannah, if you're reading this and you ended up placing 10/18, I'm truly sorry. Blame Patrick.


So basically Aren and I really don't know what the fuck to do, Patrick apparently has an idol and his tempest which gives him so much power, he wants to play his idol on Charlie and then I might have to vote Hannah to appease Patrick, I really really REALLY do not want to vote out Hannah and Nick so early in the merge but If Patrick plays that idol shit could get real messy if I don't vote with him, Patrick is basically the worst player that could have all that power because he's such a sporadic player but for now I'm on his good side and we can't really do anything about him until final 6, fucking sucks.


This is literally messier than me when I get blindsided literally what the fuck is this round lmao



If you receive the most votes and have to use the Tempest

Don't put up Asa bc she seems to be good at challenges, she got 2nd to me twice - the puzzle she had the 2nd best time and tied w/ me in Color'



I literally want to cry, what the fuck... We literally have no way around this. We vote against Pat; we get him tempissed and he'll use his Tempest. We vote with Pat; we put ourselves in a somewhat shitty position that we're gonna have to work our ASS around. Perhaps I should keep trying to win individual-immunities....


TBH I'm disappointed in Charlie for lying to my face multiple times. I thought he was my friend but I guess I was wrong?


this is the best conversation I've ever had with Asa. We're actually talking I'm so here for this yasssssss


This is peeving - real peeving. This game has really hit me with a roughie. Thankfully, the Tempest should be finished and done with after tonight, so I should be fine... I KNOW that I can trust Asa & Austin. The question is this: do you throw immunities after this or continue to beast 'em? I could be seen as a huge threat, but surely Asa & Austin have my back here. If I play my cards right, I feel that I can get through these next few rounds without my lover, the necklace. I'll miss you baby, but your boy gotta take a vacay for a lil, alright? *holding necklace*






Patrick thinks he's tricking me but honey you're not❤️ I foreseen your lies in the tea leaves


Me telling the other side I don't want to vote in minority. I think it's working but who knows its survivor. Hopefully this plan works


Tfw you're trying to convince Hannah that you're wrapped around her finger so that she gets ahead of herself and thinks she can manipulate you into doing whatever you want but you're truly an independant mixed-race strategist that don't need no squeeze (in this game, that is.)


Patrick is playing an idol on himself, Jake & Charlie are together.. Apparently Jake got a strike for showing screenshots. Jake is still trying to get me out so guess what hunty I got a little surprise for you!! Also thank you Patrick for confirming that Charlie has an idol. 😊 I actually think Patrick might be loyal to me & I like that.